Is the PC Really Dead?

So who still loves Personal Computers?  You know, those huge clunky things we place on top of a desk?  Haven�t you heard?  The PC is dead!

Who was it who famously said the PC is dead anyway?  Most techies attribute the statement to Mark Dean, one of the computer engineers who helped design IBM’s first personal computer 30 years ago.

�My primary computer now is a tablet. When I helped design the PC, I didn’t think I�d live long enough to witness its decline� but while PCs will continue to be much-used devices, they�re no longer at the leading edge of computing.  They’re going the way of the vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs.� Dean wrote on a company blog

We beg to disagree.  The PC (and by this we mean the desktop PC not the tablet kind) is still very much alive, admittedly it cannot boast as having the same marketing strategy or the sales up to be there with the latest tablets and other mobile devices.

Yes, people still do use the PC.  You just can�t see them because hey, you can�t exactly lug them anywhere you want.

Tech pundits who are fond of issuing statements as to the demise of the PC may have forgotten to factor in one thing; as long as there will be workplaces there will be PCs.

Why do most workplaces prefer PCs?

It�s cheap.  If you are buying wholesale�and if you are buying for a company �you can actually get good deals.

If you have a reliable tech guy the best thing to do is not buy retail, but build your PCs from the ground up.  But this is also tedious and not all the parts you want may be available for all your PCs.

It keeps you grounded.  This is short of saying it keeps employees in one location in the workplace, whereas having laptops or other mobile devices will have them moving around, picking for the best places where they feel comfortable working. Leaving your workstation is the first step in killing productivity.

PCs are easier to modify and upgrade.  Want more space?  A faster processor?  Or a new internal fan?  What�s good about a PC is that the case allows for additional components or hardware.  In laptops there really isn�t much space for expansion.

No worries about theft.  You can�t expect to get away easily with taking your workplace PC.  A shiny, new, compact, light and concealable laptop on the other hand�

PCs are also easier to check for �violations of company� policy.  Like when people surf social media during working hours.

You cannot throw a desktop.  Well, not as easy as throwing away a laptop anyway.  In work there is always work-related stress and sometimes you feel the need to throw things. And the smaller something is the easier it is to hurl across the room.


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