Is Your Company Ready for iOS 9?

Last month, on June 8th, Apple introduced its newest operating system called iOS 9. The system will be for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad and will be released in a few months. The new system will include all the qualities of previous operating systems and adds subtle design changes, refined features, and improved functionality.

However, the biggest focus of iOS 9 is on intelligence and proactivity. iOS 9 devices will learn user habits and act on that information, such as opening apps when we need them or making suggestions on places we may like. This is a big win for users because your device will give you the most important information at the most convenient time. In addition, iOS 9 features a more powerful search system that is embedded into the entire device. This allows users to search for virtually any content in their phone or online.

Mobile-MarketingWhile this looks to be a great improvement for users, it could also help companies market their business if used correctly. First, Apple�s move toward proactivity is something marketers should look to take advantage of as well. An important part of marketing is delivering content in a personalized and timely manner. Successful marketing campaigns will incorporate this proactive assistant model by delivering messages to customers at the right time. Next, iOS 9�s intelligence will suggest contacts, apps, and other relevant information based on the users habits. This makes it more important than ever for brands to increase their app usage based on the user�s behavior. By personalizing messages and fitting into people schedules, brands could turn their app into part of user�s daily lives.

Also, the improved searching capabilities in iOS 9 help marketing as well. For example, developers can now make information within their app searchable. This helps drive usage of apps that are forgotten or not often used, and makes it much easier for users to find content from many different sources.

Furthermore, iOS 9 also makes it possible for brands to indicate items on websites that can be accessed from their apps. This makes it simpler to take users back to their website, or directly into their app if it is installed. Finally, the best thing about this is how easy it is to implement. Developers simply need to indicate that their app is searchable, and iOS 9 will take care of creating the right links.

Clearly, iOS 9 is bringing many changes to mobile marketing. It is becoming easier than ever for users to find content, but it is more important than ever for brands to connect with their customers. Mobile marketing is continuously becoming more important as people use their phones for more tasks. Apple is one of the leaders in mobile devices sold and optimizing your company’s content for iOS 9 could mean reaching many more customers.


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