Is your iPhone bad for you?

Is your iPhone bad for you?

For content providers, smartphones are wonderful. But are we paying a physical price for the latest technological evolution?

Before you start panicking, we�re not suggesting that Siri has finally achieved independent thought and, frustrated with all the inane questions about the meaning of life, is plotting to end humanity (at least� not yet).

A new study from the UK has found that an increasing number of Brits are suffering from uniquely caused injuries� those that come from overuse of smartphone devices. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, more and more technophiles are suffering at the screens of their mobile phones.

Citing examples from chiropractors and physiotherapists (when was the last time you heard those two groups of people agree on something?), the article talks up the dangers of �texter�s thumb� (apparently the latest RSI sweeping the United Kingdom) and �text neck�, an ailment apparently caused by the strain of having to support the head while it�s at a near-constant forward angle, bending to a screen.

However, it�s not only texting that�s affecting our heath. With more and more people accessing the Internet through their phones, there�s a whole lot of bendy-squinty-hurty-thumbie going on.

It seems that just as we�ve evolved to a point of walking upright, the smartphone � once lauded as the next step in evolution � will have us hunched, crouched and ape-faced with squinting before too much longer.


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