It’s Movie Time!

Thanks to our school holiday guest blogger – 12 year old Laura.

How were the movies these holidays?

All the movies were either for 4-9 year olds or 15+ year olds, what about the years in-between?  What were they supposed to see these holidays?  Return to Nim’s Island or The Croods – maybe not.  Then the next step up were movies they had no interest in or wouldn’t be allowed to see anyway.

The only good movies out are during school which some kids don’t have time to go and see because weekends are family time, or maybe they play sports on weekends and aren’t able to go out and watch movies at the cinema.  They just can’t do it.

Finding Dory, the new Finding Nemo, I don’t think so!  Finding Nemo was the best movie in my childhood.  I watched it every weekend and I still love it!

Finding Dory better be the most amazing and awesome movie to get my approval.  Good luck!

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