Just Add Happiness � Coca Cola Marketing

You’ve read posts like this one before � it�s about Coca Cola’s marketing campaigns and why they�re great. We love the way that the soft drink company has raised the standard for content marketing � not so much using content as a tool, but as a marketing strategy altogether. Recently we’ve had the pleasure to see a couple of new interesting campaigns, more often than not including the famously loved vending machine. Here�s a pick from Coca Cola�s momentous archives:

  •       The invisible vending machine (above); this vending machine was built into a wall and camouflaged. It would only become visible if a couple passed by, asking them their names (which would show up on the wall when told) and offer them a bottle of coke;
  •       The �hug me� vending machine; this one offered bottles of coke in exchange for hugs;
  •       The Christmas vending machine; the day before Christmas, this vending machine located in Argentina would open up a secret door when people put money into it. This would give them access to a snowy, Christmas decorated room housing Santa Claus;
  •        The happiness vending machine; these ones appeared at a number of locations and could as well be called the �gives-away-lots-and-lots-of-free-stuff� vending machine. People who interacted with the machine got free coke, surfboards, skateboards and pizza among other things, provided by the machines anonymous inhabitants;
  •        The dancing vending machine; this one had people dance for free coke;
  •        The transformer; this one wasn�t really a vending machine, but a person dressed as a transformer capable of turning into one (the ad was so great we didn�t want to leave it out!);

Some of you probably see a reoccurring theme in some of these videos; give away free stuff and people will love you. This is true to some extent, who doesn�t love free stuff? But Coca Cola does more than that. The people in these videos only expected a bottle of coke, but ended up enjoying something out of the ordinary instead.

Coca Cola makes the consumers in each campaign feel special (not EVERY machine out there will hurl free stuff at you), and the company get to use their reactions for some unique and compelling content. By making more of a happening out of these campaigns, they create an �I was there� kind of discourse, having people from Hong Kong to Argentina discussing the brand. This way, consumers come to look forward to the company�s next move.

We may all have different takes on Coca Cola, but you�ll have to admit that they have made their marketing into an art. �Happiness� is a keyword, showing that they know what advertising is all about. A great ad will leave that positive imprint and association � having you come back for more.

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Image & video courtesy: thedrum.com, Youtube; Coca Cola, Openhappinesskorea

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