Keep it Simple Part 2 � A Business� Perspective

The last post discussed the decision making process and the over abundance of information we�re exposed too every day. But what can your company gain from knowing about how people pick and choose?

In Part 1, we discussed how information overload can have a negative impact on the ability to make suitable decisions that will fulfill your needs. Shady companies could probably see all kinds of possibilities in this fact, but your company offers the best product/service out there, right? Not engaging with your company would be the WORST of decisions, wouldn�t it? This is why you need to keep things simple for the sake of your customers (and your business).

So how can you do this? Not only are you competing with other companies, but your information is also competing with other information. Some of it may be correct but a lot of it is, unfortunately, just bias or misinformation. Lesson number 1 � be honest! There, that�s not so hard is it?

There are a number of ways people cope with too much information. They can for example:

  •         Prioritise; now this one is a no brainer. Organise the information by relevance;
  •         Limit themselves; set limits for how much information they gather;
  •         Escape; remove distractions to be able to process the information properly;
  •         Filter; simply concentrate on the most important information, leaving out the rest.

You may see a pattern here. Relevance is king. In order for your customers to find you, your information needs to be appropriate. This is why �creating quality content� has become a mantra in online marketing; your information needs to be number one at the top of the search results.

For those of you who scrolled back up to the title � yes, you are still reading �Keeping it simple: Part 2�. The thing is; keeping things simple is not simple at all, at least not for companies. The next approach to take when trying to keep things simple for your customers is to make it easy for them to find you, and nowadays, getting on top of Google is a way of doing that.

Right, work away at SEO and content, what else is new? Chances are that customers have already found their way to your website and your next concern is how to keep them coming back. With that in mind, here are some other tactics that you can do to simplify things:

–        Be transparent; your customers know how to get a hold of information about your company. Spare them the extra work by providing it yourself � this way you can set the story straight from the start. Besides, an extra Google search may expose your customers to your competitors or a completely different solution to their problem.

–        Be YOU; your company may not be the market leader, therefore that simply means you have to work a little harder; devising something different about you that can be used to your advantage. Big is scary and we tend to root for the underdog.

–        Make your information easy to understand; this means having a clean website which is easy to get your head around (if you can�t navigate your website how do you expect your customers to?) and having several ways of contact, amongst others. Remember what we said about escaping? People escape distractions in order to process information properly � too many distractions on your website may have them break away from you altogether.

–        Offer the best customer service possible; another mantra and a hard one at that. You get what you put in and great customer service is a key factor to achieving company success. This way YOUR people answer the questions and provide the solutions, not some guy on an online forum (who maybe once fell victim to your BAD customer service). That being said, such online discussions cannot be avoided, therefore it�s important to be proactive and reduce the amount of disappointed customers.

At the very least, we�ve laid the foundations for you. Everything about your field makes perfect sense to you. But this is a reminder that you�re the expert at what you�re doing. It�s possible that your customers don�t have a clue, which is why keeping things simple will make them ever so thankful… and loyal.

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