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Long live the king

No-one really leaves the building in a world where content and technology reign supreme

Back in April, we concluded our report on the ‘return’ of rapper Tupac Shakur: ‘And what price seeing a holographic Elvis or Beatles reunion in the future?’ Well, wouldn’t you just know it…?

A company founded by James Cameron – a man who knows a thing or two about creating a nigh-on unbeatable content formula – is set to ensure that ‘the King’ can rule again after signing an agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises to digitally recreate Elvis for a series of live shows and TV appearances, 35 years after he died.

Some fans will doubtless be delighted, others may well be horrified. But how does the news leave you?

  • All Shook Up?
  • Way Down?
  • thinking, It’s Now or Never?
  • Just Can’t Help Believing?
  • or with a very Suspicious Mind?

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