Mad Men meets marketing

Target’s effective content marketing strategy could be the future of advertising�

A few months ago, Target was making headlines in Australia for apparently mishandling its response to social media criticism. And now it is in the news again � for completely different reasons.

In a campaign worthy of Mad Men (and, incidentally, directed by an award-winning Mad Men director), the US version of Target has created a content marketing coup with its new video. Not a TVC, mind, but video content created specifically for

The 12-minute-long video, called �Falling for You�, stars Hollywood actress Kristen Bell and will be released in �episodes�. Cleverly, it puts a fresh new twist on the 100-year-old product placement technique by making almost everything on screen available for immediate purchase from Target.

As the characters interact, icons of their clothes (which of course come from exclusive Target brands) appear to the right of the video window. Viewers can click on them to check out after each episode, then buy them immediately or (better yet where content marketing is concerned) or share them through social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

Whether this represents the future of advertising remains to be seen, but it is an excellent way of generating interest in a website and brand through inventive content � which is precisely what effective content marketing is meant to deliver.


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