Meet the misogynists

December 5, 2012 4:46 pm

There’s much to like in the world of online content. But sadly, there’s also much to despise

While the Internet is a breeding ground for baby millionaires and world-changing innovation, it is also a breeding ground for bottom-feeding scumbags who – like cockroaches – unfortunately seem to multiply at an alarming rate.

That there are dodgy types online is certainly nothing new. As The Message explained when reporting on the desperately sad case of Amanda Todd, predators are never far away when online, just waiting to push their next victim to the edge of despair – or even over it.

A certain level of anonymity, the waft of fast cash and a coward’s taste for humiliating others combine to create a heady aroma that is to cyber-creeps as cow dung is to flies. While there is no shortage of awful females online, there seems to have been an upsurge of nasty misogynistic sites in the past few years. As a little public service announcement, we’ve rounded up three of the worst offenders…

Hunter Moore

Meet Hunter Moore, who is just the kind of man (and we use the term loosely) that you want to bring home to mum. Assuming your mum is the corpse from Psycho, that is.

Moore established a site called IsAnyoneUp that was shut down in April after he was bought out by an anti-bullying organisation. The site was a forum for ‘revenge porn’, where jilted lovers (mainly men) could submit images of their naked exes (who, surprise, surprise, were overwhelmingly women). The pictures were usually photos that had either been taken or sent during happier times, and were published with links to the victim’s Facebook page and other personal details.

A few days ago, Moore announced that he was going to reopen his site with all the old content under a different name. Even the fact that online vigilante/hacker organisation Anonymous has published Moore’s address and personal details online and released a video calling on its followers to hold Moore accountable for the content he publishes has failed to deter him.

‘I don’t really give a f—, to be completely honest with you,’ he told ‘I make my money and pay my bills.’ What a charmer.

Creepshots is a website set up by a few self-proclaimed ‘family men’ who like to indulge in a bit of candid photography. Of women’s arses. The site encourages the submission of photos taken of unsuspecting women who look sexy (or not – there is an unhealthy number of photos that exist purely to ridicule).

It doesn’t take a criminologist to point out the link between men who get off on the fact that they have taken something from an unconsenting woman and men who get off on rape. It might sound extreme but the fetish at play is similar.

The men behind Creepshots facilitate the sharing of unwanted, uninvited images of women, and hide behind the excuse that if a woman wore something ‘sexy, tight or revealing’ she shouldn’t be surprised to end up on a website. Which sounds worryingly like the type of ridiculous rhetoric used by people intent on blaming rape victims for inviting it.

Roosh V

It’s no coincidence that this guy’s name rhymes with ‘douche’. In a depressing insight into the state of society, his books on how to ‘bang’ women in various countries have become widely popular. While these tomes appear at a glance to be part travel-guide, part self-congratulatory literary masturbation (full disclosure – no-one in our office could bring themselves to read one), his blog posts are something else.

They range from bizarre rants about Western women to a guide on how to cheat on your girlfriend without getting caught. Yep, he’s a charmer all right. His main thesis seems to be that feminism has corrupted women in the West to such an extent that he is forced to seek out women in South America, Eastern Europe and South East Asia who won’t be hung up on silly issues like wanting to have a job or wear flats.

Not only is this incredibly insulting to pretty much every nation of women he mentions, it also proves that the only women this man can have any romantic success with are not native English speakers. We’d hazard a guess that he’s slightly more tolerable when you can’t understand the pure Moron coming out of his mouth.

We’ll leave you with this particularly delightful quote from the man himself: ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t listen to a woman about anything. I’ve observed almost no cases where a man’s status or position has been increased from following a woman’s advice or opinions, and it’s much more likely for him to be harmed from it.’


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