Meet the virus spreader

An Aussie student is responsible for some of the most politically charged � and funniest � viral content

What does an Oxford post-grad law student have in common with a viral video maestro? Not much � unless you count the fact that they are the same person. Hugh Atkin is a mild-mannered Aussie who just happens to dabble in creating spoof videos for YouTube. And, as it happens, he has a real knack for it.

While you may not have heard the name Hugh Atkin, you could well have seen his work around. He�s the man behind this, for a start�

Atkin has also applied his talents closer to home, creating a video poking fun at Kevin Rudd through the filter of a Chinese propaganda film. His latest film, a mashup of Obama quotes to the beat of MC Hammer�s �Can�t Touch This� is possibly his funniest yet, and with almost a million views in less than two weeks, it looks like the Internet agrees.


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