Who’s that boy?

Move over, Angelina, �Ridiculously Photogenic Guy� is in town�

If you�ve been hanging out for the next �Angelina�s leg�, here it is. Presenting� �Ridiculously Photogenic Guy�.

The above picture, snapped during a 10km race in South Carolina, quickly went viral � with systems analyst (and content mischief-maker) Will King taking responsibility/credit.

After looking through some photos taken during the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run, King uploaded the photo to Reddit, amused by how different the man (who has since been identified as Zeddie Little) looked from his fellow competitors amidst the pain of a long-distance run.

In an interview with the Post and Courier, King said it was a friend who made the comment, �I dub this guy �Ridiculously Photogenic Guy�� � and the rest, as they say, is history.

�RPG�, as we shall now call him, has been sent all over the web in varying ways. Here are some of the best:

Simple as it may be, there�s something addictive about this meme. Or maybe we just like looking at him�


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