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Chairs are like Facebook. Apparently �

Coinciding with the news that it has just signed up its billionth user, Facebook has embarked on its first-ever advertising campaign. So let�s all just take a minute to stew in envy and awe at the fact that Facebook reached a BILLION USERS before launching an ad campaign.


Now that we�ve got that out of our systems, let�s have a look at the campaign. Global agency Wieden + Kennedy has created a 90-second film that will be rolled out across 13 countries. The ad focuses on the everyday items that people use to connect, and draws the parallels between these items and Facebook, allowing the social media supersite to position itself as a facilitator for human interaction.

The campaign comes amid attention about the negative aspects of social media in general and Facebook in particular. We have posted about the prevalence of hate-speak and violent threats on Facebook, and just last week a story on the ABC�s 7:30 Report highlighted a number of highly offensive, sickening sites that Facebook has as yet refused to remove. One user was quoted in the report saying (about Facebook): �They�re really facilitating antisocial behaviour�.

It is noteworthy, then, that Facebook�s angle for its first campaign has been highlighting the positive ways in which it facilitates connections. Brand awareness obviously isn�t an issue for Facebook, but public perception seems to be a growing one.

The ad has already drawn criticism for its admittedly fairly vague concept. Mashable created this wonderful spoof (already!), cleverly pointing out just how large the leaps of logic in the original really are.

What do you think? Love or loathe? Or are you still wondering how Facebook is actually like chairs?


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