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New media narcissists

Are DIY content creators up themselves?

New research suggests that if you have a plethora of Facebook friends and regularly update your status – if you’re a DIY content creator with a penchant for social media, in other words – you may be a narcissist. Or, as Australians like to put it, up yourself.

The study was conducted by researchers from Western Illinois University in the US and published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal. Three hundred participants answered a Narcissistic Personality Inventory questionnaire, with the findings suggesting a link between the number of Facebook friends a person has and amount of activity on the social networking site and the likelihood of someone being a ‘socially disruptive’ narcissist.

Study author Chris Carpenter told Mashable: ‘People who have a heightened need to feel good about themselves will often turn to Facebook as a way to do so. Facebook gives those with narcissistic tendencies the opportunity to exploit the site to get the feedback they need and become the centre of attention.’

Could it be that self-love in the digital age really does make you blind? (Blind to the need to take a step back every now and then, that is…)


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