On the warpath

How the boys in blue plan to help you keep your content safe

It was announced last week that Queensland Police will be the first in Australia to tackle �wardriving� � the practice of driving around searching for wireless networks.

The idea is that police will target selected areas to detect unsecure wireless in homes and businesses (which can be used by cyber criminals) and let people know how to effectively secure their connection.

The Brisbane Times quotes Superintendent Brian Hay as saying: �We have known of people whose Wi-Fi has been hacked and used to commit data theft, stalking and other serious crimes such as downloading child exploitation material.

�I would think it�s very important to save mum and dad or grandma and grandpa from becoming suspects in a serious crime or possibly losing their life savings, having their identity stolen or losing the kids� inheritance.

�Unprotected or unsecured wireless networks are easy to infiltrate and hack. Criminals can then either take over the connection and commit fraud online or steal the personal details of the owner. This is definitely the next step in identity fraud.�


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