On your marks… get set… whatever

Forget London, the Hipster Olympics is where the action is really at…

While a fair percentage of the world�s media � traditional and social � is focused on London at the minute as the countdown to the Olympics nears zero, we thought we�d take a different look at competitive sport.

In Berlin (oh, those crazy Germans), hordes of self-aware, self-consciously cool young �uns are gathering for the Hipster Olympics.

Featuring events such as horn-rimmed glasses throwing, vinyl record-spinning, canvas bag jumping, confetti tossing, bubble tea drinking, fake beard fixing, skinny jeans tug o war and ironic moustache wearing, contestants compete for the right to shrug their shoulders dismissively when they win.

Here�s the action from Berlin, plus, as a special treat, footage from the last Hipster Olympics in New York (from a time when MySpace was big and cameras weren’t actually phones). The Message hereby nominates Sydney to be the host city for the 2016 Hipster Olympics. Who�s with us?

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