Online storm watch

Tourism webcams turn Hurricane Sandy into compelling live content

Hurricane Sandy is currently battering the east coast of the United States, with reports of winds howling past New York City�s iconic skyscrapers. Despite warnings to stay indoors, it doubtless won�t be long before social media is inundated with images and video footage of the storm taken by people who ignored the advice and ventured outside.

Alternatively, we’ll soon be flooded with undeniably dramatic memes and fakes like this one…

But for real-time storm watching that even surpasses Google�s admittedly useful crisis map, many are turning to tourism live webcams for the best � and safest � view of nature at its scariest. With webcams are posted in and around some of Manhattan�s most famous locations (including Wall Street, the World Trade Centre and the Statue of Liberty), compelling real-time footage is being viewed around the world at a pace even social media cannot compete with.


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