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Patience Makes Perfect Content

Those advertising types have it soooooooooo easy! If you have the money you can shout wherever and whenever you like: ‘BUY NOW! 99% OFF! GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU IRRESISTIBLE TO THE OPPOSITE SEX!’ And then the cash registers sing like turtle doves. Easy peasy.

Content marketing, on the other hand is far more, sniff sniff  sophisticated. It takes flair and skill and the ability to craft THE perfect message (The Message…catchy) and to then distribute it in a way and in places that our market is hanging out to consume it. And share it. And then maybe, perhaps maybe, they’ll enquire about our product and, and, oh boy, I need a lie down.

Both scenarios, of course are slight exaggerations. You won’t really need to lie down after creating a content marketing program.

But you will need to be patient. Unlike advertising, its flashy half-brother, content marketing takes time. As content helps brands to find their voice, consumers eventually need to find your content. It’s not easy and, depending on the type of content you produce, it won’t deliver instant results. Quality content programs will however create enduring brand messages and associations like no other ‘here now, gone in 30 seconds’ marketing activity.

Don’t forget, your brand didn’t become the brand it is overnight.

So if you finger is poised over the strikethrough key as you consider nixxing next year’s content marketing budget just think about the people your creative content means something to. The numbers may not be as impressive as those watching the 6.30 news and (theoretically) your ad but remember anyone consuming your posts, updates, photos and videos actually want to do so. They’re not being interrupted doing something else they want to do.

That engenders interest; and awareness; and advocacy. And eventually, sales.

That’s something worth waiting for.


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