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Planet Earth, superstar

Cool online content initiative means now anyone can boldly go where no man (or precious few of them) have gone before…

It’s official, the biggest star (in the celebrity sense, not the cosmic one) in the known universe will soon be… the Earth. That’s not hyperbole, that’s fact – thanks to a little something called UrtheCast.

This high-definition streaming video platform of the place we all call home gives everyone with Internet access the ability to see the planet as only astronauts had done before. In fact, given that the stay-at-home adventurers (let’s call them virtunauts™) will be able to zoom in to about a metre resolution, they’ll get a better, more advanced view than any space cowboy has ever had.

With two live-streaming cameras fitted to the International Space Station, UrtheCast has been called ‘a cross between Google Earth and YouTube’ and ‘Google Earth on steroids’. Or as The Message likes to think of it geek-chic CCTV.

If nothing else, it sounds like a very cool – and potentially addictive – to while away time at work (although, as Mashable reports, there are significant revenue options for the company). Here’s how it all works…


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