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Spot the difference

A cute online content experiment throws up an interesting question: Which came first – the Bieber or the Timberlake?

A little over a year ago, The Message suggested that there was no such thing as an original idea. It seems there was definitely something in that…

The problem with being a cookie-cutter popstar in this day and age is that there’s always another cookie-cutter waiting in line to cookie-cut your grass with a younger, fresher but essentially identical act.

This is a realisation Justin Timberlake and the rest of the boys from ’N Sync must be having right about now thanks to video mashup that blends their noughties’ hit Girlfriend with Justin Bieber’s current squeal-inducer Boyfriend.

The end result, predictably, is that both Justins sound exactly the same, and both songs can be interchanged without so much as an awkward beat.

With easy access to not only online content, but also the tools to edit and manipulate it, the generic nature of pop music has never been more apparent. Take a look for yourself…


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