Polling perspective

Think the US election coverage is too serious? Satirical content provides the antidote…

The US presidential election is going down to the wire. At time of writing, Barack Obama has secured 78 Electoral College votes, while his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney has 76. The first to 270 will be the winner.

Of more interest to content producers is how the election is being covered. Social and traditional media alike are streaming live coverage, with everyone unanimous in the prediction that, ultimately, a handful of swing states like Ohio are going to be crucial in determining the outcome.

Happily, that provides plenty of satirical opportunities for anyone who likes to provide a more comic twist on events. These may not have the impact (or the reputed effect) of Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation four years ago, but they do neatly skewer the driving desire to win displayed by all politicians of all political persuasions in all countries.

Still, at a time when the American economy is under the closest scrutiny, it is appropriate that jobs (specifically, one job) should receive the most attention…


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