Pop go the prisoners

This is what happens when two of the online world�s most popular phenomena collide�

Early last month, before most media outlets were aware of it, The Message broke the news of the new social (media) phenomenon that is K-Pop. And now that the rest of the Western world is getting jiggy with it (the single Gangnam Style has just gone to number one in the UK charts), we can offer a slightly different take on the trend.

In online content terms, a jail full of Filipino prisoners are among the biggest things around � thanks largely to a video of them dancing to Michael Jackson�s Thriller. Posted by the prison authorities, it has received over 51 million views.

And now � like certain more mainstream content marketing campaigns � a sequel is with us, in the form of a dance routine to Gagnam Style. With almost a million views to date, it seems prison pop is striking a chord with online audiences the world over.

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