RIP Maurice Sendak

The Message pays tribute to the acclaimed writer, illustrator and all-round content creator

It�s the goal of every content creator � to come up with something timeless, something that strikes a chord, something that transcends mediums to resonate with an audience across generations.

That�s exactly what Maurice Sendak achieved with Where the Wild Things Are. The writer and illustrated published his most famous book in 1963. Today, almost 50 years on, it remains a powerful and much-loved expression of childhood angst.

Here�s Sendak talking about how it became the �book of my life�, not just in terms of sales (now nearing 20 million), but in terms of reach. In the process, Sendak explains how content creators (and content marketers) should always be striving to move forward and try something new, fresh and different rather than repeat themselves. It�s a philosophy and an approach that�s worth keeping in mind.


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