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A new app could stop risqu� content from coming back to haunt its creators

Ask Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton or Colin Farrell � leaving video or pictorial evidence of your naked body with a scorned lover generally ends up with far more people than said scorned lover being able to access the material.

Of course, no one intentionally leaves footage or photos with a scorned lover � they send it to devoted, starry-eyed paramours who would never, ever betray them. And then they do. Because the sad fact is that behind every devoted partner, there is a scorned lover waiting to happen; and with every sexy pic or video you send, you run the risk of that video being seen by everyone from your boss to your parents to your next-door neighbour.

While public nudity may have ultimately aided the careers (and we use the term loosely) of the aforementioned celebs, unwanted exposure can have devastating results on the lives of mere mortals who make the same mistake. Just a few weeks ago Canadian teenager Amanda Todd took her own life after years of stalking and bullying, spawned by a decision to �flash� for a webcam when she was 12 years old.

A new app could be set to change the potentially negative repercussions of images that should best not be kept on file. SnapChat is a photo-texting app that can be used to send images that self-destruct after an allocated number of seconds. While it�s far from fool-proof (recipients can still take a quick sneaky screenshot of the pic while it�s on their screen, although the app will alert you if this happens), it is at least a safety measure to be put in place for photos that are best left� impermanent.

While the app developers insist it is not a �sexting� service (using the admittedly valid argument that a steamy photo that lasts just three seconds doesn�t really fulfil its purpose), chances are that the majority of people drawn to it will think of it as exactly that. But if that stops a few creeps having access to ill-advised photos after the flame of love has been extinguished, it can�t be a bad thing.


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