Say what?

A craze is sweeping online content � and now brands are starting to get onboard the viral vogue�

You may be familiar with the �Sh*t ______ Say� series of videos. Originating from the Sh*t Girls Say video, there are now spoof videos on almost any sub-group imaginable. The videos, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, generally go viral fairly quickly because everyone knows at least someone like the personality being portrayed.

It was only going to be a matter of time before brands got onboard with the popularity of the meme � and we�re pretty impressed with some of the efforts!

The first example comes from Canadian sportswear brand Lululemon. The brand is known for its yoga equipment in particular, and for its holistic, slightly alternative approach. Check out their �Sh*t Yogis Say� video, have a chuckle and consider that the clip has received over two million views � pretty good content marketing�

Exhibit B, which has had almost a million hits, comes from The Wedding Channel, and is something anyone who has ever been or known a bride will be able to relate to!

And finally, thanks to Marketing Melodie, it�s nice to see that even social media peeps can laugh at themselves�


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