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Why discovering ‘God’ is a sure-fire way to generate content hype

Scientists hate the name, the media – traditional and social alike – love it. Which makes the recent discovery of the long-theorised, much-debated Higgs boson (aka ‘the God particle’) so newsworthy.

Every news organisation worth its salt has been talking about, analysing, covering, commenting on and generally hyperventilating over the news that the subatomic particle that is thought to explain why all particles have mass – the building block of the universe, to put it in very simplistic terms – has been discovered.

The news has also been a trending topic on Twitter, which must sure be the first time in the history of social media that scientists have trumped celebrities – suggesting that, for a fleeting instant, the geeks have inherited the earth!

Similarly, innumerable videos about the discovery, each attracting thousands of views, have sprung up on YouTube. Including this one…

What it actually means for life, the universe and everything in it remains a matter of conjecture. From a content marketing point of view, though, it again shows how anything can be marketed with the right application.


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