Seinfeld goes social

A favourite of Gen Xers around the world, �the show about nothing� has been reinvented for modern content consumers


You�re probably showing your age if you admit to having been a �big Seinfeld fan�. The sitcom, starring comedian Jerry Seinfeld as, um, comedian Jerry Seinfeld came to an end in 1998, and although it is still shown in reruns around the world, it�s fair to say it�s probably something for the Gen Xers out there.



A fun new initiative by a couple of Seinfeld fans has brought the show into the social media age. As first revealed in The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter feed Modern Seinfeld imagines what Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer would be doing right now, on the cusp of 2013.

The feed was only set up four days ago and has already amassed over 160,000 eager followers � an undisputedly impressive achievement. Here�s a selection of our favourite tweets�





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