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Jennifer Aniston is back in ‘SmartWater 2’, but as content marketing campaigns go, it doesn’t quite hit the mark

You may remember last year’s Smart Water YouTube ad, starring Jennifer Aniston. Or you may not because, as we wrote at the time, we were unsure whether the strategy would actually meet its objectives – which was, presumably, to sell SmartWater.

Well, now there’s another Smart Water YouTube campaign, which suggests that the strategy was successful enough to at least warrant a sequel. But while SmartWater 2 is definitely funnier than the original, it still seems just that little bit too contrived.

Don’t get us wrong – Jen is fabulous and probably the only Hollywood leading lady with the right kind of charm and self-deprecating humour to come off so damn likeable. But perhaps that’s why it doesn’t quite hit the spot – because it’s clear she’s in on the joke, and people don’t expect her to take herself too seriously. After all, Ms Aniston has often proved that she’s up for a laugh, and she has a far more approachable public persona than many of her peers.

A similar ad featuring, say, Lady Gaga without her makeup, or Madonna eating carbs, or Ana Wintour wearing tracksuit pants… well, that would be something worth passing on to a friend. As it stands, while we had a good ol’ LOL at the ‘Goodnight, Rachel’ line, we’re still left feeling a little bit ‘Meh’ about the campaign. What do you think?


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