Serious Numbers

This week we achieved an incredible milestone. Our humble musings�about all things digital, marketing and heck, life as we know it clicked over to a zero number of reads; lots of zeros in fact. Since ‘The Message’ was launched in 2011 our posts have been read over 400,000 times; by 266,000++ visitors no less.


So a BIG thank you. It’s astounding that our small blog that we haven’t really marketed in any meaningful way beyond a little bit of social sharing has been so popular. Of course there are many blogs that probably boast these types of figures every month but we never thought we’d be a able to attract even a fraction of the numbers that we have.

Did I mention thank you?keep-calm-blog-on

While we’re talking numbers,�here are our five most popular posts (in order of number of reads) all of which still get major traffic every month:

1.�How social media is helping beat cyber-bullying
2.�Caveman porn
3.�Instagram Joins the Video-posting Trend
4.�A brief history of culture jamming
5. Are Anonymous� days numbered?

OK, need to get back to work. 500,000 beckons!


The Message is brought to you by Tick Yes � providing solutions for all your digital and content marketing needs.


In Life and on LinkedIn, Saying “Thank You” Can Take You a Long Way



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