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Sgt. Pepper’s revisited

I read the news today, oh boy: pop culture’s greatest content is getting an image makeover…

When it comes to albums, they don’t get much more iconic than the Beatles’ 1967 epic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Still widely regarded as one of the best in history, this proto-concept album pushed the limits of recording technology – and in terms of packaging, married music (of course), words and images to create a content offering that hadn’t been seen before.

The look of that content owes everything to Sir Peter Blake, the man who created the unforgettable cover art that saw the Fab Four, flowers and a whole host of cultural superstars, from Ghandi to Lenny Bruce.

Is it out with the old…
…and in with the new?

Now, 45 years on and to mark his 80th birthday, Sir Peter is overhauling and the modernising the artwork, replacing the old faces with the likes of Noel Gallagher (who, ironically, once called the original design ‘as important as the music’), Amy Winehouse, Tracy Emin, Eric Clapton and Kate Moss.

Here’s a video of Sir Peter talking about how the original piece came about – and why he’s decided to change it:

So what do you think? Should iconic art that encapsulates the zeitgeist be changed or should it keep evolving? Is The Beatles’ work sacrosanct (remembering that Paul McCartney re-released Let It Be) or are we about precious about the content of the past?


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