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Shoot now, focus later

A new type of camera could be set to revolutionise visual-content creation

These days, everyone can be a photographer. The advances in technology relating to digital photography have meant that pretty much anyone with opposable thumbs can take a decent shot. Combined with the platforms now available for sharing our efforts, the incentive for said opposable-thumb-having creatures to do so is ever-present.

Enter: the Lytro, a teeny tiny camera that has the ability to take photos that can be focused at a later date. ‘Shoot now, focus later’ is the mantra of Lytro creator Ren Ng, a Malaysian-born, Aussie-raised and Stanford-educated computer scientist. According to Lytro:

‘Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light travelling in every direction in every point in space.’ Essentially this means that the data that records where the light hits different points of the image is able to be manipulated post-snapping, making it a bit of game changer, really.

Of course, the technology comes at a price – and at the moment there are a few issues that need ironing out. The size of the file is one concern (because so much data needs to be sent with each image) but the technology itself is bound to draw the, um, focus of industry leaders.

Watch this space…


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