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Social media reacts to Facebook’s $5 billion IPO

Facebook has just gone public – and the online content world is all abuzz…

In the most preemptively reported event to come out of the digital world since Steve Jobs’ death, Facebook has confirmed it has filed for a US$5 billion IPO. In case you were wondering, that’s about $5.90 per user, and, incidentally, far less than what was being predicted.

The gap between the predictions of traditional media (figures of $100bn were being bandied about) and the reality of the situation as represented in new media is symbolic of just how much the former has to learn about the latter.

But enough reasoned analysis…we’ll leave the reporting on what this means, the financial impact of the IPO and the reasons behind the pricing to someone with the inclination to crunch numbers.

For us, it’s all about the LOLs to be found in the social media world’s reactions…










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