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Satire is booming thanks to online content

Humph! Don’t you just hate it when your thunder gets stolen? Just yesterday we were musing about the changing nature of social media usage and wondering (in an oh-so-ironic, oh-so-cleverly-comic manner) whether people have become so addicted to social media that now everything has to be viewed through its prism.

We asked: ‘Are we shortly going to be at the point when eating dinner will be filmed and posted/live streamed? And speaking of streaming…. What about going to the toilet? Or brushing teeth? Or opening the office door? Or painting a room (and watching said paint dry)? Is all that social media-worthy?’

We have a soft spot for satire here at The Message, especially when that satire is original – and originally ours.

So it rather pains us to not only have to tell you that someone else has already made the same point, but that they’ve done it sooo much better – in a brilliant music video that really hits the satirical sweet spot…


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