Social Media Tips for the CEO

Companies today cannot afford to have their top leaders on the sidelines when it comes to their social media campaigns. Most CEOs still believe they don�t need to participate; however, studies show that CEOs who do take part in their company�s digital marketing campaigns become better leaders.


Information sharing is definitely one of the benefits. Improving company reputation, continuous innovation and increase in business results are just a few of the many things that come when CEOs are active in social media. Their participation in these campaigns helps humanise the company – delivering better, and in turn, higher profits.

So, how does a CEO who�s a newbie in social media marketing become good at it? Where do they begin to retool themselves when it comes to new media as a communication platform?

Here are some tips that some of the world�s social media experts have identified as being important to every CEO.

�    Social media has redefined the role CEOs are expected to play in the content that their companies provide. They should be the chief content provider of their companies; thus they must be aware of the needs, wants and demands of their clientele to target them holistically, leaving no room for their competitors. Social media as a platform is an efficient and engaging way to relay information and its process also encourages CEOs to become better leaders.

�    CEOs who are active social media users can advance their communications not only with their employees but with target business partners too. From working with their own intranet and company website, and developing their own social media pages, including videos and images, the use of these social media tools can take CEOs beyond simple message dropping via Facebook or Twitter. The strategic use of social media can drive company content to different places across all channels.

�    CEOs should keep a blog. They have become CEOs for a reason and that usually means they are good at what they do. Perhaps they can even be considered experts in their field. Ordinary people often wonder what these CEOs think of certain issues that concern their industry thus keeping a blog and writing about various topics would definitely hook up a lot of target clients. A blog can be utilised not only as a content marketing campaign but as a reflection of perspective in context, meaning and even depth.

�    Using the company website as leverage means using the website as the digital keeper of all valuable information about the company. Yet it does not limit the company�s potential to influence people through various social media platforms. Content delivered through multiple formats can change the lives of a lot of people.

The self-authorship of CEOs allows them to use the power of content to spread the word about the company. They can be spontaneous yet not informal, just enough to keep their stakeholders engaged. CEOs that see the value of sociability in digital marketing will soon be able to reach out to more clients than they first expected.


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