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Here’s a great example of content marketing with a conscience

Some sites have turned the ‘404 – Page Not Found’ message into something of an art form (or at least a chuckle-worthy  meme), but as the LA Times reports, it is now being put to a far more helpful and important  use.

In a very 21st century online content update of the famous US milk carton campaign, Belgian advertising agency Famous has joined forces with Missing Children Europe to create notfound.org.

‘With the NotFound project we are however taking this one step further by giving these pages a reason to exist,’ Laurent Dochy, the adman who came up with the idea said. ‘The next step came easily: Page not found, neither is this person.’

NotFound encourages people and businesses to download a file through the group’s website that will place a box with a missing person’s picture and some biographical information on a website’s error pages.

To date, 480 websites have signed up to the initiative. Hopefully many more will follow suit as content marketing shows that, despite popular perception, it actually has a conscience.


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