Starbucks� Christmas App

Starbucks brings a touch of augmented reality content to the festive season…

Few companies have their fingers as firmly on the pulse of commercialising holiday cheer as Starbucks. Even here in Australia, the coffee mega-chain releases themed flavours to coincide with the Christmas season, and we�re so hopped up on the sugary goodness and caffeine we forget to notice that hot sweet heavy beverages don�t blend too well with 40� days!

Cynicism aside, however, Starbucks� latest app offering is pretty cool. Using augmented reality technology, users in the US and Canada can point and shoot their iPhone or Android at a specially-branded Starbucks coffee cup and lose themselves in a world of sledding dogs, ice-skaters and other Northern Christmassy images.

Can�t wait to see it in Australia some time soon. Until then, check it out for yourselves here:


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