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This is how brands should engage through social media content…
If youíve got Facebook friends who like a laugh, chances are youíve come across this oft-shared post at some stage over the last few weeks:

For those who donít know, Bodyform is a UK brand of feminine hygiene products and the post (published on 9 October) has already received over 97,000 likes and nearly 5000 comments.
What happened next, however, is social media content marketing at its brilliant best. Bodyform, ostensibly taken completely by surprise at the sudden engagement on its Facebook page, decided to harness the viral power of the post and create a video in response to it. Funny as Mr Neillís post is, Bodyformís comeback (now viewed over three million times) is even funnier:

The jug of blue water on the desk is really the icing on the cake for what is an incredibly well-crafted marketing effort. So well-crafted, in fact, that it has many wondering whether Richard Neill was perhaps in on the act from day one, and the whole thing was a sophisticated exercise in viral marketing.
In which case, Bodyform has even more of our respect.
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