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Why Email Marketing Runs Rings Around Social Media

Just like the fashion trends, marketers tend to change their mind about email marketing, particularly when it’s compared to social media. It’s a case of: RIP email marketing. Wait, it’s alive! No, it’s actually dead. Hold your horses, it is ALIVE...

The Console Wars: PS4 vs Xbox One

Remember Contra, the 80s 2D commando video game that was the best thing that’s ever happened to Nintendo? Or Super Mario, who made us believe that princesses were real and eating vegetables will really make us grow?

Is Samsung’s S4 a Disappointment?

The smartphone battle is almost reminiscent of World War II: bombs thrown at both sides of the opposing camps and each one working on artillery and armor that can blow off the other. And much like any warfare, each battalion is working towards only...

When Will Apple Release its new iPhone?

It’s that time of the year again: the time people await the release of the next iPhone. For non-Apple smartphone users, this is when they assess whether the upcoming device is good enough for them to make the switch; and for Apple users, this is...

iPad Mini 2 now $100 Cheaper

It seems like Apple has already thought of and developed everything perfect in the gadgets world. Is there anything that this multimillion dollar company hasn’t developed yet?

Apple Mulls at Exchange Plan

Hey you, Apple fan! Got your eyes on the new iPhone 5? Want to buy it but your budget just won’t allow you? Feeling helpless, hopeless and frustrated? Well, don’t swim in self-pity, it’s not yet the end of the world and besides, Apple has one big...

Twitter for Business Re-Launched

Twitter has re-launched its business site, Twitter for Business, with a new look and some new content. The social media’s business site, originally launched in 2011, is meant to help business owners build a successful online presence by learning how...