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The Stupidity of Silence

It always astounds me when people in business don't follow-up with a simple thank you email or even a note - when was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note? - after we've had some type of interaction.

Turning Transactions into Relationships

You have millions of customers. They spend billions of dollars on your goods/services every year. Collectively, these people are vital as they add up to the financial and market share reports you pore over every day. Individually, however they’re a...

What’s in a Social Media Policy?

Almost everything you post online is open for public viewing. What people do in their free time is of their concern, but what if they are doing it whilst representing your business? The obvious solution is to ban social media, but as it turns out...

Keep it Simple Part 2 – A Business’ Perspective

In Part 1, we discussed how information overload can have a negative impact on the ability to make suitable decisions that will fulfil your needs. Shady companies could probably see all kinds of possibilities in this fact, but your company offers...

I’m not in the Mood for your Anger

I have been in the speaking business since 1985 and heard some atrocious stories of poor customer service over the years but I had an experience on my recent family holiday that is up there with the best of them.