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Worth the weight?

The new iPad has just been launched, but Australians can’t benefit – yet – from one of its biggest selling points
With just as much fanfare, but slightly less showmanship, the first Apple launch of the post-Steve Jobs era has taken place and the iPad 3 is worth us (or it will be on 16 March when it goes on sale in Australia and the other leading markets around the world).
And after all the fevered speculation about what features the new Apple tablet would boast, the reaction from the experts who have had a chance to play with it has been… well, rather mixed.
Despite Apple CEO Tim Cook claiming his company has ‘redefined once again category Apple created’, even the term ‘the iPad 3’ is something of a misnomer. The new tablet will simply be called ‘the iPad’, which may cause confusion as the iPad 2 will still be sold.
Key features include…

A high-definition (2048 x 1536 pixels) screen;
Improved graphics performance thanks to a new A5X chip;
5-megapixel camera sensor;
Slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2
10-hour battery life for wi-fi usage
A cost to Australian buyers of $539 (16GB), $649 (32GB) and $759 (64GB) for wi-fi only models and $679 (16GB), $789 (32GB) and $899 (64GB) for wi-fi and 4G customers.

The catch for Australian consumers for whom 4G capability may be a selling point (and therefore worth the extra money) is that the only 4G network currently available in this country is Telstra’s, which users a different frequency to 4G networks in the US. Hence, ZDNet reports that the iPad cannot be 4G in Australia – at this stage, anyway.
To see what the experts think, and how the new iPad stacks up against its rivals, click here.
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What can content creators expect from Apple’s latest offering?
If the rumour mill is correct, Apple’s iPad 3 will be unveiled at a media event in San Francisco next Wednesday. ‘We have something you really have to see. And touch’ read the invitation to various journalists.
No-one knows what features the iPad 3 will have, but that hasn’t stopped people predicting everything from 4G wireless capability to a higher-definition screen. Of course, even if the third iteration of Apple’s tablet is indistinguishable from its predecessor, that’s not going to stop customers queuing around the block at every Apple store in the world.
Online content creators are happily speculating on the iPad 3’s specs, but this tech-heavy video rumour round-up is the pick of the bunch – if only for the delicious irony of the fact that the ad at the start is the iPad’s arch rival, the Galaxy Tab!

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