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When Will Apple Release its new iPhone?

It’s that time of the year again: the time people await the release of the next iPhone.
For non-Apple smartphone users, this is when they assess whether the upcoming device is good enough for them to make the switch; and for Apple users, this is when they salivate endlessly at all the rumors circulating about the new iPhone.
iPhone users may very well be one of the most loyal of fans. Some even say that “once an Apple user, always an Apple user.” This may be because of the user friendly interface that the consumers have come to love; or the almost perfect size and shape it has always been known for; or the ever-growing hoard of features and applications that are available on the device. Regardless, its customer retention strategy has been pretty commendable.
Now, rumors have been swirling that Apple isn’t looking to release one new device this year, but two. According to reports the Cupertino, a California-based company is looking at a new way to approach the market and work on building a better relationship with consumers.
Latin Post reports that two new Apple iPhones will be headed for the market before the year ends, and so far not one of those devices have been confirmed. Published news articles say the two new devices will be an iPhone 5 successor and a low-cost iPhone.
The new iPhones
Apple has continued to keep mum about anything and everything stirring up within the four (or more) corners of its tech lab in Cali. No word has been said about the new devices, nor is there any confirmation on what the new smartphones will be called.
However, a number of websites, as well as social media, have been throwing out names of the upcoming devices.
“According to recent reports, Apple will release the successor to its iPhone 5: the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6,” wrote the Latin Post. “Additionally, a budget Apple phone will allegedly be released as well. It is expected to be called the iPhone 5C or the iPhone Lite; some also say it will be the real iPhone 6.”
The probable iPhone 5S is expected to be packed with the new Apple operating system, the iOS 7. It is also reported to carry a more powerful A7 quad core processor, as well as additional features to optimise security, including a fingerprint sensor.
A closer look at the iPhone Lite
The iPhone Lite is said to be Apple’s attempt at customer acquisition. As statistics prove, Samsung has been leading the mobile market for years now, because of its more budget-friendly devices. With the new iPhone Lite, Apple aims at attracting more users for the iPhone.
While Apple has no word on this yet, a China Labor Watch report revealed that a manufacturing plant in the country is already working on the devices. The phone will carry a plastic back cover that will make its production cheaper, and its tag price cheaper too.
“Today’s work is to paste protective film on the iPhone’s plastic back cover to prevent it from being scratched on assembly lines,” a Pegatron worker noted on the report. “This iPhone model with a plastic cover will soon be released on the market by Apple,” added the report.
With all these information, it does seem that Apple’s campaigns this year is to gain more users by releasing two iPhones.
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Apple Mulls at Exchange Plan

Hey you, Apple fan!  Got your eyes on the new iPhone 5?
Want to buy it but your budget just won’t allow it?  Feeling helpless, hopeless and frustrated?  Well, don’t swim in self-pity, it’s not yet the end of the world and besides, Apple has one big announcement for you.  According to reports, the Cupertino-based company will soon allow trade-ins.  Yes, you heard that right, my friend!  The people from Apple have heard our prayers!
In an aim to push customer retention, Apple fans can now get the newest iPhone at a fraction of the cost by trading in their old Apple phone and getting a discount on the iPhone 5.
In a report published by Bloomberg, the new service will be implemented in Apple stores this month. Sources who asked not to be identified since Apple has yet to confirm the news, say that the electronics company has already partnered with Brightstar Corporation, a mobile-phone distributor, for this new program.
With this new mobile marketing strategy, Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, hopes to lure consumers to get its newest iPhone offering. This is a move to revive the dying sales of the once biggest company in the United States, and even the world.
According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s shares have been bouncing back and forth from the top spot against oil company, Exxon, since 2011.  However, Apple started soaring high from January 2012, peaking at around August-September of 2012 and only slumped back down to second place against Exxon at February-March 2013.
Just as well, Apple’s smartphone market shares haven’t really zoomed up since its unveiling of the first generation iPhone in 2007.  With this, it’s not hard to think that Apple’s campaigns aren’t really working for the company.  But this may all change once the iPhone trade-in program starts.
However, Apple isn’t the first to start this program, sites and stores like Gazelle, Best Buy and Radio Shack have been doing it for some time.  The first two even offer this as an online strategy, where you can start the trade-in process over their websites.
“The biggest challenge for us has been to change consumer behavior.  It will be great to see Apple jumping into it.  We expect them to put the brand and marketing behind it and lift consumer adoption,” Gazelle CEO Israel Ganot told ABC News. “There is an insatiable demand there.”
While people like you are still waiting for Apple to officially confirm this new program, you may try checking out these other sites that offer the same service:
• Best Buy. This retailer will allow you to trade-in your smartphone, as well as a range of other devices. You will receive an electronic gift card for the trade which you can then use when you purchase a new smartphone.
• Gazelle. The site has been around since 2007. It might be one of the easiest trade-in services since everything is achieved online.  Gazelle will give you an online offer for your gadget.  If you agree, you ship it to them and then you get paid by cheque, Amazon gift card or PayPal.
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Pocket-sized news

A new app could be the final nail in the coffin of traditional media, but it could also be its saviour…
Newspapers, magazines and other traditional news sources now have another reason to be worried. As The Message has previously reported, the impending demise of those news organs has long been anticipated. Now, though, a new social media-inspired iPhone app may have hastened the end.
Summly, created by 17-year-old British whiz kid Nick D’Aloisio, has been called ‘one of the most disruptive apps of 2012’. Why, because it presents news in an iGen and Gen Y-friendly format – in snippets.
The free app proudly boasts that it ‘redefines news for the mobile world with algorithmically generated summaries from hundreds of sources. Innovative gestures, animations and great summaries make reading the news fun: easy to use, easy to scan, easy to read, clear and concise.’
D’Aloisio says he came up with the idea because he didn’t feel his generation engages with news as it should ‘in part because most of our life is digital and existing technologies don’t necessarily do the best job of engaging us with news content. So I was hoping to build something that could’.
So now if you want a pocket-sized, completely mobile, iPhone version of the news all you have to do is select your favourite news source or topic and let Summly do the rest. Simply add a keyword on any topic in the world and the app finds the content and summarises it for you.
With content delivered in 400 characters (‘more than a tweet, but less than a full article’), it’s perfect for the mobile generation.
The Guardian reports that this venture ‘may be viewed warily by the newspaper industry’. However, it may yet be its saviour – giving it renewed relevance in the mobile, social media-centric world. The Summly website invites publishers to submit their content for summary, potentially increasing its reach, and is already working with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to summarise its content.
Supporters of and advisers to the start-up include such high-profile names as Ashton Kutcher, Troy Carter, Betaworks, Yoko Ono and Stephen Fry, with the latter even lending his presence to promote the app.

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Instagram announces Android app

DIY content producers now have another reason to be ’appy!
In a highly anticipated move that has whipped non-iPhone users into a frenzy not seen since the announcement of the Angry Birds android app, popular photo sharing and editing app Instagram will soon be available for android.
In the words of Christina Bonnington for Wired Magazine: ‘The Instagram party is about to go from a few cocktails with friends into a raging kegger.’
Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom recently confirmed the app was fast-approaching, sharing glimpses of the new technology, which is still in beta-testing mode.
For the many Android users, who have thus far been excluded from the app that everyone’s talking about, the news is very welcome.
Alison Foreman, a former iPhone user who has switched to the Android system, says that Instagram is the thing she misses most about her old phone: ‘As far as functionality and ease of use, my Android matches my iPhone pretty closely. I used to love Instagram though, and really miss it, so I’m thrilled it will be available for me to get re-addicted!’
With Android users still outnumbering iPhone users by a decent margin, Instagram’s latest move could potentially double or even triple its fan base. iPhone users, be warned: your days of smugly chatting about the latest shots on Instagram in front of jealous Android friends are numbered!
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Is your iPhone bad for you?

For content providers, smartphones are wonderful. But are we paying a physical price for the latest technological evolution?
Before you start panicking, we’re not suggesting that Siri has finally achieved independent thought and, frustrated with all the inane questions about the meaning of life, is plotting to end humanity (at least… not yet).
A new study from the UK has found that an increasing number of Brits are suffering from uniquely caused injuries… those that come from overuse of smartphone devices. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, more and more technophiles are suffering at the screens of their mobile phones.
Citing examples from chiropractors and physiotherapists (when was the last time you heard those two groups of people agree on something?), the article talks up the dangers of ‘texter’s thumb’ (apparently the latest RSI sweeping the United Kingdom) and ‘text neck’, an ailment apparently caused by the strain of having to support the head while it’s at a near-constant forward angle, bending to a screen.
However, it’s not only texting that’s affecting our heath. With more and more people accessing the Internet through their phones, there’s a whole lot of bendy-squinty-hurty-thumbie going on.
It seems that just as we’ve evolved to a point of walking upright, the smartphone – once lauded as the next step in evolution – will have us hunched, crouched and ape-faced with squinting before too much longer.
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