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How to Reduce Your Media Spend & Achieve Better Results

Digital marketing has changed the media landscape forever and marketing budgets are being spread across channels – mainly digital – that previously didn’t exist. The problem is that optimisation is not as simple as it was before; if you’re not careful, your spend can get out of hand.
By optimising each of your channels, you can reduce your media spend and achieve better results – all the while proving a positive return on investment (ROI) for every dollar you spend.
We have tips to help you optimise each of the most popular channels draining your media budget. One tip is important for all of them:
Stay in control of budgeting and targeting. If you’re new to a channel, keep watch on your audience and don’t scale until it’s profitable.
Here’s how you’re going to achieve better results without breaking the bank, and figure out the right time to scale for each campaign.
Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads are considered a staple in the marketing world – simply because they work.
A recent study shows that integrating SEO efforts results in a 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in profits. Because of this, marketers are increasing their spend in SEO.
According to MarketingProfs, nearly half of digital marketing budgets are spent on search, with 31% on paid search and 18% on SEO. U.S. spend alone will top $45 billion by 2019.
If you’re one of those marketers spending nearly half of your budget optimising for search, measuring success by click isn’t going to be enough.
#1 SEO Tip – Always run campaigns with conversion tracking.
You’ve got to know what happened after a prospect clicks. If it led to a product purchase, then which keyword, ad group or campaign triggered the conversion? Conversion tracking will show you which ones are – and are not – worth bidding on.
Ad Retargeting
Search engine marketing (SEM) retargeting means targeting website visitors who did not convert yet, often through a third-party vendor. It’s effective, but is an area where media spend can get out of hand.
Research showed 56% of customers retargeted after visiting the cart, didn’t want to make an immediate purchase. Marketers then invest in bringing them back to the cart – what a waste.
In fact, over two-thirds of visitors who intend to make a purchase never make it to the checkout cart. This suggests that marketers are failing to create campaigns that are tailored to visitor intent.
# 1 Ad Retargeting Tip – Use conversion analytics to figure out customer intent – specifically, why some customers aren’t completing their checkout, or converting.
Once you identify the group that doesn’t have the intent to convert, you can stop spending your budget retargeting them, and reallocate to maximise results from those that do.
Content Syndication
Content syndication packages can be highly effective if you’re generating top-quality content, but are hard to pin down in a budget since pricing packages vary widely depending on the media outlet you’re syndicating with.
They’re very effective for generating leads, as according to Inc, 70% of people want to learn about products through content versus through traditional advertisements.
The trick to reducing your syndication spend is to be very picky when choosing media outlets.
#1 Content Syndication Tip – Focus on the right media outlets, and once you find them, don’t keep spending if you’ve stopped seeing a return.
Keep an eye on results from certain media outlets, and continue reallocating budget to those performing best.
Social Media Ads
In 2015, global analysts predicted a 33% increase in spending for social media ads. This is because over 50% of (business-to-business) B2B marketers rank social media as a “very” or “somewhat” low cost ad option.
Social media can be low cost, and can drive unprecedented amounts of engagement if targeted correctly. Avoid this one common mistake – spreading your budget across every social media channel out there.
#1 Social Media Ad Tip – Choose the right social media platform.
Which platform is converting the most leads? As an example, a bakery is going to perform much better on Pinterest than the latest cloud security software.
The key to reducing your media spend while increasing your results is to find where your audience wants to see you the most. With robust conversion tracking and by following industry best practices, you can make your marketing budget stretch farther than you ever thought you would.
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Social Media Stats

The figures speak for themselves – social media growth is exponential
If you’ve wanted to know why social media – and the content created for it – is so important, this clever but simple video does exactly that. Some of the figures mentioned are mind-blowing, but they ably articulate the extent to which social media now dominates people’s lives – both online and off.

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The infamy game

Using social media content to connect with friends. Priceless. Using social media content to boast about a crime. Soooo stupid…
The desire to be ‘YouTube Famous’ is a strong driver in young people these days. So strong, in fact, that apparently it overrides commonsense and the desire to remain un-incarcerated.
Meet Hannah Sabata, a 19-year-old US woman who will hopefully remain in jail for the majority of her child-bearing years, lest she contribute her questionable intelligence to the gene pool. Hannah’s day started off successfully enough (depending on how you view success) when she managed to steal a car and rob a bank.
After returning home, however, her perfect crime seemed just a little too perfect not to share, so share she did. On YouTube. With 26,000 of her closest acquaintances.
Now that criminals are officially stupid enough to record video confessions of their crimes mere hours after committing them, maybe we should take some patrols off the streets and put the money into education to stop the pattern repeating itself…
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Clever ways to warn

Content marketing gets the health and safety message across – and goes viral in the process
Chances are you’ve heard about Dumb Ways to Die, the latest viral video to go tearing through inboxes and Facebook walls all over the world. The video is cleverly animated with a sweet acoustic singer providing the music that, were it playing in the background, you might mistake for some adorable lullaby.
The reality, however, is a humorously gruesome (and gruesomely humorous) depiction of all the stupid ways you can shuffle off this mortal coil. In the style of the Darwin Awards (an annual award series that recognises the contribution to the gene pool of those whose stupidity has caused them to be removed from it), the video describes in fascinating visual detail a range of ways to die.
While the clip is entertaining in its own right, the really surprising feature comes at the end – when we realise that it is actually a public service announcement from Melbourne’s Metro Trains intended to dissuade people from standing too close to the tracks.
‘This campaign is designed to draw people to the safety message, rather than frighten them away. Especially in our younger segments,’ said Chloe Aslop, Marketing Manager of Metro Trains. ‘We want to create a lasting understanding that you shouldn’t take risks around trains, that the prospect of death or serious injury is ever-present and that we as a community need to be aware of what constitutes both safe and dumb behaviour.’
In any case, it seems that a little video about dying has breathed new life into the safety message Metro Trains is pushing – and has been an unqualified success for McCann, the advertising agency that created it.
In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen it, check it out – and hopefully it will stay in your mind next time you’re waiting near the tracks.

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Multimedia megaphone

Social media shames Aussie racists – and gives others a chance to speak out against discrimination
Over the past 24 hours, the world’s media has been ablaze with the story of an act of racism on a public bus that has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth – and done immense harm to Australia’s international reputation. The shocking tirade of a man, a woman who appeared to be his partner and other passengers on the bus abusing a French woman – whose only crime had been to sing in her native tongue – was caught on camera by several passengers, most notably Melbourne comedian Mike Nayna.
Nayna proceeded to cut together a narrated video of the outburst to be shared on YouTube. Naturally, it has gone viral, with over a million views at time of writing:

The most shocking element of the video isn’t the language, or the unprovoked nature of the attack, or even the fact that the two charming ringleaders had children with them – it’s the realisation that this kind of racially fuelled violent rage lies under the surface in our so-called civilised society.
Nayna’s video references the fact that as a ‘brown’ man he has suffered racism in Aussie society. He also mentions that all of his ethnic friends have ‘a story or two to tell’.
The power of this social media video is that it gives voice to those stories, with hard evidence that can’t be refuted by politicians’ Kumbaya rhetoric.
The fact is that it is all too easy for white Australians to buy into the idea that Australia operates on an ‘everyone gets a fair go’ mentality. Public attacks such as this are far less common than the insidious, regular racism and discrimination that many ethnic groups suffer. A quick survey of the Tick Yes office revealed that every one of the ethnic staff members had suffered racism and discrimination in this country. Regularly.
The element of social shaming in this video, while satisfying, is not the most important part of it. Like Nayna says: ‘Racism is a thing in this country. Let’s not pretend it’s not.’ Social media has an important role to play in raising awareness of that by giving people a chance to speak out to a mass audience – and, hopefully, helping end discrimination.
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Signs of the times

How multimedia content is providing the defining images of this era
From cave paintings to online galleries, art is evolving. Artists are embracing new ways of creating their content and content created for new mediums is being, rightly, seen as art.
Video game art is a case in point. Thanks to technological advances, graphics have come a long way since the days of Pacman. As a result, graphic artists and designers can give free rein to their talents, creating interactive works of art that are not only engaging from a user point of view, but are as indicative of our current era as anything produced during the height of the Renaissance or Impressionist periods.
The artistic merit of this content is also now being recognised in the form of galleries and exhibitions. Video game art has been on display in the UK as part of the London Games Festival and is now set to be auctioned off to raise money for charity.
Featuring a combination of the old (the original concept artwork for Sonic the Hedgehog), the new (designs for Batman: Arkham City) and the yet to be seen (illustrations from the next instalment of the Tomb Raider series), it is proof positive that quality content doesn’t just move with the times, but it defines those times.
Here’s a selection of some of our favourite pieces…


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Fast forward

How will social media be viewed in the future?
The year is 2062, the place is everywhere, as a group of elderly hipsters are interviewed to talk about the good old days of social media…

(Actually, this vid was created for this year’s Social Media Week, but we can’t help thinking it offers an uncanny glimpse at life 50 years from now!)
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I am what I am

How content marketing creates and enhances brand personality
You may not have heard of ‘Jungle’ Jack Hanna, but this zookeeper is roughly the US equivalent of Steve Irwin. And, just as the Croc Hunter clearly did before his untimely death, he’s a man who understands that his brand is built around his personality – and that content marketing through the best use of stories is the perfect way to enhance that brand and raise its profile.
When Hanna took over as Director of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium it was struggling. In fact, it was rated the second worst zoo in the country. Now, though, it is regarded as the best – thanks to content marketing.
Hanna created content through his stories and personality and disseminated it through a variety of media channels from cable TV to, more recently, online. In doing so he raised the profile of the zoo and raised money for it, allowing him to redevelop its facilities and transforming it into a truly world-class offering.
In this short video of a speech he gave at Content Marketing World 2012, Hanna explains how content marketing worked for him and the zoo – and, by extension, how it can work for any brand.

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High risk, high rewards

Felix Baumgartner (and Red Bull) put the extreme into content marketing
As The Message foreshadowed almost three weeks ago, Felix Baumgartner is all over the news at the minute as a result of successfully completing his death-defying, speed of sound-breaking jump/freefall from the ‘edge of space’.
Among the records Baumgartner broke was the highest ever jump (39,044 metres) and fastest speed reached by a man without any form of mechanical assistance (1341.97km/h), as well as achieving the second longest ever freefall (four minutes, 20 seconds).

Of more interest to content marketers was the coverage the jump – and hence Baumgartner’s sponsor Red Bull – received. According to organisers, 40 television stations in 50 countries carried the live feed. More significantly, people flocked to social media to witness the event, with YouTube reporting that the jump received over eight million simultaneous views – a new record. On Twitter, meanwhile, over half of all trending topics worldwide related to the jump.
As the online world watched Baumgartner spin violently out of control, Red Bull’s marketers were doubtless working out how much the exposure was worth. Although the energy drink maker has never said how much the whole endeavour cost, chances are it will be well worth it.
Of course, there is no reward without risk. And as the footage (along with fearless Felix’s comments that he was terrified) shows, the slightest error or malfunction would almost certainly have resulted in Baumgartner’s death. And you have to wonder what that would have done for the Red Bull brand.
Happily, though, disaster was avoided – and since this whole episode played out in full on social media, it seems appropriate that social media (in the words of a YouTube comment) should sum it all up:
‘Due to the enormous gravitational field his massive balls create, it was recently discovered that he did not in fact fall towards the earth, but the earth fell towards him.’
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The changing face of content

How social media has transformed traditional media practices
The Message has long published stories and opinion pieces detailing how social media content has transformed traditional media practices. It’s a view shared by many in the media – including Carla Buzasi, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, UK.
In this insightful address to the International Content Marketing Summit, Ms Buzasi talks about the role of social media in not only informing content and becoming a source for that content, but also marketing that content.

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