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What To Do With Your Old Phone

So, you have a new mobile phone? The one with a gorilla glass screen? Surround sound? A quad processor? Looks like you’ve given in to all those marketing campaigns that promise smartphones and other electronic devices to be the “best among the rest...

iPad Mini 2 now $100 Cheaper

It seems like Apple has already thought of and developed everything perfect in the gadgets world. Is there anything that this multimillion dollar company hasn’t developed yet?

The Changing Face of Protests

How powerful is social media today? What else can the world do apart from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those sites and apps that people are going loco for?

Apple Mulls at Exchange Plan

Hey you, Apple fan! Got your eyes on the new iPhone 5? Want to buy it but your budget just won’t allow you? Feeling helpless, hopeless and frustrated? Well, don’t swim in self-pity, it’s not yet the end of the world and besides, Apple has one big...