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Your Biggest Digital Marketing Opportunities in 2017

We did it: we made it one more rotation around the sun, which means that it’s time for annual industry predictions roundups.
We’re most interested in what we can expect as digital marketers, and what will make brands the most successful at growing their content audiences and consumer bases in 2017.
You’ll probably hear a lot of the same things—content is still king, social is still growing, and marketers are looking forward to the future of virtual technologies, but we’re here with some actionable items that you can use today to kick off your wildly successful 2017 digital marketing strategy.
Use video to capture your audience’s attention.
In 2016, we almost heard about nothing else but video marketing. That’s because it works. The use of video as a content medium for marketers to leverage is only going to grow.
Video adoption is increasing at a higher rate than any other platform simply because marketers are seeing a good return. According to Forrester, including video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-trough-rate (CTR). Not only that, but one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words as it relates to content value.
It also gets you in front of more consumers than other types of content—According to ComScore, 45.5% of users viewed at least one video online over the course of the month.
The impact of video is growing—but let’s talk about the elephant in the room. It’s expensive to create quality produced videos for marketing purposes. The trick isn’t to max out your budget to make as many videos as possible, but to use your budget to make the highest quality, largest lead generating videos you can, even if you release them less frequently.
Genuine testimonials are a huge SEO opportunity now.
Testimonials definitely aren’t a new concept—getting your successful customers to talk about their experiences with you publicly will be key when it comes to marketing strategy success.
But it’s no longer adequate to just gather as many reviews as you can. Now, testimonials can be coded so that search engines recognize them as genuine, meaning they’re even more valuable than ever.
The more reviews on your website, the better your search engine optimization (SEO) will be—and they should be everywhere, including home page, contact page, and any other page in which a quote is relevant.
Wearables are the newest emerging market to reach consumers right now.
As marketers, we hear a lot about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) when we talk about trends—but these mediums aren’t large enough yet to give you a realistic ROI. ‘Wearables’ is the new medium you should be focusing on right now.
In 2016, 72% of the US population owned a smartphone. Smartphones aren’t going the way of the mixed tape anytime soon, but wearables will start to catch up in popularity very quickly.
Industry experts predict that by 2018, the global wearables market will reach $19 billion. A lot of people will have jumped on board the wearables bandwagon, and the medium won’t be saturated with content.
Consider adding a wearables marketing strategy to your 2017 planning, for an opportunity to reach a new set of customers with little competition.
Augmented reality is coming back.
Remember Pokémon Go? It seems like it was a flash in the pan in 2016 when it started, and then quickly died out. The success of the augmented reality game means it will be coming back—whereas this latest game was just a test, its success means there’s a huge opportunity for the gaming market, and therefore for marketers as a segway to the virtual reality environments of the future.
2017 is your opportunity to experiment with augmented reality campaigning, partnerships and lead generation from a medium that’s still brand new.
If you’re going to get ahead this year, you’ll need to be looking towards all sorts of technologies of the future.
Whether it’s video, SEO, wearables or augmented reality, the world of marketing campaigns is taking a step towards some futuristic mediums, which means it may be time to rethink how you’ll reach and influence your customers this year – and beyond.
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Pippa, Planking, Politics and Party Hats

A run-down of the most popular viral content to come out of the past few weeks…
In terms of viral content, the past few weeks have left us spoiled for choice. The Royal Wedding, taking down of Osama bin Laden after a 10-year manhunt and the rapidly spreading planking phenomenon (which is surely deserving of its own special category in the Darwin Awards) have all been trending topics in that time…
Pippa Middleton
In the wake of her sleek and stunning appearance as the Duchess of Cambridge’s maid of honour at the ‘wedding of the century’, Pippa Middleton has caused quite a stir. For many watching, it was the sight of a well-sculpted (and seemingly un-spanx-encumbered) bottom of Ms Middleton sashaying down the aisle behind the bride-to-be that set social media alight. The svelte sister-in-law to the future king has developed quite a following online, with the ‘Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society’ Facebook page receiving over 220,000 likes.

Then, of course, in response to her global popularity, the inevitable topless sunbathing photos were released, ensuring that even during and after the recent tornado in Auckland, ‘Pippa Middleton’ was still the most-searched term in New Zealand. With magazines rushing to cash in on the ‘other’ Middleton’s popularity, we’re guessing the sting of being the sister who didn’t marry the prince will have subsided considerably.
That hat
Speaking of asses, the other viral megastar to come out of the royal wedding was the hat that made one out of Princess Beatrice. Despite the fact that several other guests (including the ever fashion-forward Victoria Beckham) embraced the odd trend of what we shall dub the ‘forehead hat’, nothing could dull the ridicule that poor Beatrice received for her apricot-coloured abomination. The hat has become a global in-joke, with circulating memes ranging from topical to utterly ridiculous.

Osama and Obama
The killing of Osama bin Laden was up there with the few global events that could overshadow the royal wedding, which is why it is fortunate for the media that the events happened a few days apart. In the aftermath of the initial breaking story, it was the rumoured photographic proof that went viral – in two senses of the word.
Facebook viruses that promised links to photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse were rife in the weeks following his death, and Twitter was lit up with trending topics. Like Pippa Middleton’s derriere, the event sparked efforts to cash in, with Disney buying the trademark ‘SEAL Team 6’ a mere two days after the kill was announced. No doubt they’re planning to franchise the new national heroes with merchandise and… dare we suggest… a themed ride at Disneyland? The happiest place on earth indeed.
A new viral phenomenon has recently come to light, brought to the media’s attention first through the arrest of a man in Queensland and, later, through the death of another from the same state. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, ‘planking’ is the practise of lying flat with your legs pointed and arms rigid at your sides, showing no facial expression. You then have a photo taken, and post the photo on a social networking site.
After the arrest of a man in Gladstone caused mainstream media to take note of the odd new craze, we had a spate of live planking from well-known television shows, with Karl Stefanovic, Kerri-Anne and the folks at Ten News getting in on the act. However, after a man fell to his death attempting to plank on a seventh-storey balcony, the humour – but not the popularity – has gone out of the craze.
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