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iBelieve (part 2)

The spread of social-media-savvy, religion-related content has reached, well, biblical proportions
Some time ago, we broke the news that organised religion has embraced social media and new technologies as a means of bridging the divide with a modern audience.
Now, the Sydney Morning Herald shows that first tentative trickle of innovation has become a flood of the sort that once apparently sent Noah scurrying for a hammer and some nails.
Religious apps are now all the rage – from a Lent Observation Tracker to a Budda Machine that ‘plays loops of meditative music and chants for relaxation and reflection.’
Similarly, religious material as online content is proving extremely popular, with hundreds of editions of the Bible available in ebook format.
Virtually every religion known to man – and deity – is now represented online and through technology. Which, in a way, shows just far content has come. Creation/religion stories formed the earliest content – the oral tradition that was eventually written down, then printed, then digitised and, now, turned into an app.
It seems there is life in the old gods yet…
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