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Getting it Wrong Goes Viral

According to Dale Carnegie, author of the classic book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ a person’s name is the sweetest sound in any language.
It goes a long way to explaining why this video about a so-called Starbucks barista writing customers’ names incorrectly on their cups has gone viral. Over 8,000,000 views and counting reinforce the old (well internet old) maxim, that to go viral online you need to be very funny, rude or quirky. Or a combination of all three.
Add in a dash of social media and BOOM: a viral sensation!
Now if only we could do the same with our latest 30 second TVC on spark plugs! My wife thinks it’s really entertaining……

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To that Special Someone… your Customers?

It’s that time of the year again; heaps of hearts, holding hands and hugs. It’s Valentine’s Day. Even though it’s one of those holidays that may catch some of us by surprise, as it’s not a public holiday in most parts of the world, it’s still something to look forward to, an excuse to spend some one-on-one quality time with that special someone. And time is not all that we spend. A CNN study performed in the U.S. shows that the average person is willing to spend close to $130 on this day of love – $18.6 billion being the estimated total amount. It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is equally treasured by lovers and marketers alike. People love other people, but people also love brands – you’ll want your brand to be the lovable kind. So how do you do that? After changing your Facebook cover photo into something more lovey-dovey, you can start reshaping your product into hearts. Easy if you sell muffins, more of a challenge if you’re into banking. Let’s have a look at what has worked out well in the past;

        The on-demand car service company UBER made it possible for you to deliver flowers to your loved one through their app. This turned out to be a win-win situation; the company already had their drivers on the road and the concept was a life-saver for absent minded boy or girlfriends;
        Heineken made a Facebook app that made it possible to send a personalised serenade to your could-be partner;
        Starbucks “Cup Magic” campaign let customers who had downloaded their app see heart shaped petals whirl from heart-clad Starbucks mugs via their smartphone.

Too much work creating an app? There are other, less specific things you can do – how about;

        User generated content: The greeting card service Scribbler asked their audience to define what love meant to them. All they had to do was answer three questions and then hopefully become the winner of a new Ipad;
        Go mobile: Studies show that 4 out of 10 shoppers will use their smartphone to buy gifts. Having a smartphone responsive website and being extra active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram is probably a good idea;
        Think like a couple: This is the day when couples go out and do things together. If you sell cupcakes, offer them in twos – remember that whatever your product or service; Valentine’s Day is about being one of two or becoming one of two;
        Target men: Chivalry isn’t dead. According to studies, men are more likely to spend more money on Valentine’s Day gifts;
        Give your customers a break: Not all companies target couples. Singles may get sick of hearts and chocolate, so offering a Valentine’s Day free zone could be a good idea.

Whatever you choose to do, it should be something a little out of the ordinary. However, the ordinary should include knowing your customers and caring for them – every other day of the year. But DO offer a cherry on top of that heart shaped muffin this Valentine’s Day.
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Image courtesy: Pinterest, techblogstop.com

Starbucks’ Christmas App

Starbucks brings a touch of augmented reality content to the festive season…
Few companies have their fingers as firmly on the pulse of commercialising holiday cheer as Starbucks. Even here in Australia, the coffee mega-chain releases themed flavours to coincide with the Christmas season, and we’re so hopped up on the sugary goodness and caffeine we forget to notice that hot sweet heavy beverages don’t blend too well with 40º days!
Cynicism aside, however, Starbucks’ latest app offering is pretty cool. Using augmented reality technology, users in the US and Canada can point and shoot their iPhone or Android at a specially-branded Starbucks coffee cup and lose themselves in a world of sledding dogs, ice-skaters and other Northern Christmassy images.
Can’t wait to see it in Australia some time soon. Until then, check it out for yourselves here:

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