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Teacher owns student in rap battle

Here’s proof that having content that speaks to your audience on their level works wonders…

We’ve all seen heartwarming films like Dead Poet’s Society and Dangerous Minds in which hardworking teachers try to teach on a level their students understand, changing the way things are done and ultimately making a powerful and lasting impact on the lives of their classes. Perhaps you even have a teacher from your own life whom you remember fondly as ‘the one who made a difference’.

We’re guessing, though, you never had a teacher who told your classmates that you ‘w**k in sandals to Gandalf’!

Check out the video of a teacher owning his 17-year-old English student in an MC battle. The 17-year-old in question is ‘Blizzard’, an up-and-coming producer. To be fair, his effort is pretty amazing, but at the end of the day, all that poetry research gives Mr Grist the edge.

In spite of the fact that it’s incredibly entertaining (and, given that it’s a rap battle, contains some explicit language), the entire concept shows the need to communicate through content in a way your target market understands – whether that market is wannabe B-Boys or high-flying executives.

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