Tech preview: The Kindle Fire

Tech preview: The Kindle Fire

Are Amazon�s e-reader evolutions backfiring?

In a market more crowded with tablets than an underground warehouse rave, it�s little wonder that the Amazon Kindle has gone through more than a few incarnations in recent years. There�s the Kindle Keyboard, the Kindle Touch, the Kindle 4 and, of course, the impending release of the Kindle Fire, which aims to rival the tablets of the likes of Apple and Samsung.

On one hand, the market is ripe for a great tablet alternative while Apple and Samsung battle it out to try and stop each other from selling their respective versions. On the other, it seems Amazon has been too eager to push new products out there, and as a result has missed the boat on what could have been a very lucrative product.

Firstly, the constant reinvention of its e-readers, far from building brand loyalty, seems to have left a bad taste in the mouths of consumers whose products are �out of date� mere months after they purchase them.

In addition, the Amazon Kindle Fire looks set to be released with what already appear to be major issues. For one thing, the memory of the tablet is a miniscule 8GB, which means its movie capabilities have to be limited at best. At first glance, it also seems to have failed to play the biggest ace up its sleeve � the Amazon online store. The established success of the Amazon store could potentially do for the Kindle Fire what iTunes and Genius did for the iPod, but it�s almost as though Amazon was in too big rush to release it.

While the low price tag will no doubt have consumers interested, it remains to be seen whether Amazon has cut off its nose to spite its face with the incessant product releases.


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