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Here are the answers to our online content quiz

Last week, we asked if you could sort the photo content fact from fiction. We posted 15 Internet images and invited you to tell us whether you thought they were real or simply made clever use of Photoshop. Obviously, you are all eagerly awaiting the big reveal, so here are the answers…

1. Black and white twins








This image was… real.

2. ‘Welcome to Kenya’ sign









This image was… fake. (Fairly obviously since Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.)

3. Water bridge







This image was… real. It’s the Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany.

4. Tongue zip








This painful-looking (but clever) image was… fake.

5. Giant crab









This monster crab was… real.

6. ‘Hands of God’ clouds








This image was… fake.

7. ‘Eye of God’ nebula








This image was… real. Cool, huh?

8. The home computer – as predicted in the 1950s








This image was… fake.

9. Sun and moon at the North Pole









This image was… fake.

10. Giant dog









This image was… real.

11. Working moose








Arguably the trickiest of the lot to pick, but it was… fake.

12. ‘Look behind you!’








Unfortunately… a fake.

13. Dog and polar bear playing








This image was… real.

14. Triple waterspout









This image was… fake.

15. Niagara Falls frozen







This image was… real. Opinions differ on when it was taken (1848 and 1911 are the prime contenders), but it is thought to be indisputably genuine.

All the images came from the About.com Urban Legends site. After all, Internet content is the perfect medium for spreading urban legends!


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