The Art of Tweeting #1


Well marketers, gather around, we�re going to take an in-depth look at the way Twitter works. Most  people are familiar with Twitter. Well, let�s be honest. Anyone in the 21st Century knows about Twitter but few people have learnt the science behind it.


Twitter is a unique social platform in that it allows you to express your thoughts in only 140 characters. What happens if you exceed 140?  And how do you showcase your company�s bio as smartly as possible in just 140 characters?


Despite its restriction on the number of words you can use, this social media platform is amongst the extremely popular ones. Therefore, it is amongst the social media platforms that many businesses decided to infiltrate as well.

However, while it serves the purpose of being a social media platform for the ordinary man, not everyone is convinced that Twitter is the right platform for their business. But if you pay attention, you might learn something.

Brand or Personal?

When starting a Twitter account for your business, it�s always best to make it a brand page. Now that you�re setting it up, here are a few tips to follow:

�    Set your username to be that of your business name. Make sure to pick something which is an easier version of your business name. For example: AaKittens � AdoptaKitten. With next to no punctuation in it, mobile users can find you easily as well.
�    Upload your logo into the profile picture spot and include a background image that reflects your business.
�    When you come to the �about� section, make sure you use one word descriptions rather than whole sentences. For example: @AaKittens � Kittens, Cats, Rescued animals, adoption center. Drop by someday. Location. Website.

Add Your Information

Like most social media sites, you should immediately add the appropriate information in the information page and link it to your business website. By doing so, you�re giving people an alternative place to go while your new Twitter account gains a following and takes off.  This also allows you to retain your consumers since you didn�t have to turn them away; you�ve just redirected them to your website for a little while.

Start Following People

Twitter can sometimes turn into a petty game of “following” and being “followed”.  If you are really interested in using that to your benefit then you can also improve your business�s visibility by following the right kind of people. In short, try to follow people who are:

�    Your contractors, suppliers, vendors and business partners.
�    Your peers or competitors
�    Professional organisations or trade organisations for your industry.
�    Neighborhood businesses.
�    People from your professional network.

However try to do your �following� in a relaxed manner and keep your foot off the throttle here. Twitter has rules which it strictly adheres to in order to make sure that there is no aggressive following happening.

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