The Art of Tweeting #2

Or, 4 Very Good Reasons Why No-One is Following You

Hello! You�re here again. You took our advice and started a Twitter account? Well bravo. But you�re having a problem? Okay, well let�s take a look at your problem. Hmm, so you can�t seem to get any sort of followers on Twitter? That�s troubling since on a social media website like Twitter, having a profile which thrives on the love of followers is a necessity. Although we do recommend turning it off and on again, let�s take a deeper look at what may be the cause of the problem.

Not Focusing on Appearance

Twitter allows you to completely change the background and the display picture of your profile. That�s why make sure to take the time to place your logo or  Company colours on the profile. This allows viewers to connect your profile with the business more easily. It won�t help if you�re keeping a profile picture of Pikachu when you�re a web content business. There is no connection between Pikachu and web content at all.

Trying to be �Too Cutesy�

Yes, that�s something which can annoy people on a generic basis but often  you might be trying to be funny or hilarious but it just backfired on you. One of the most common ways that this happens is in the profile section. While it might be funny for comedians to call themselves a cabbage or a meat sack of bones, it�s not that hilarious when you�re using it for a business. Keep the text crisp, to the point, precise and something which defines your business completely.

Sharing Irrelevant Information

On Twitter, people expect you to be you. No, not you as a person running your business�s account but they expect you to be true in representing your business on Twitter. For example: If you�re posting as a business that focuses on shoes, you can post images of tons of shoes of celebrities, of the ones in your inventory, even horse shoes will count as shoes. What you shouldn�t do is post a picture or tweet about the totally awesome burger you ate for lunch and the free fries you got with it. It can be a bit of a turn off and you might end up losing a few current followers too.

You Always Promise to Follow Back

You can�t entice people to follow you since you always follow back. Twitter isn�t about having a large group of followers and gathering more. It�s about choosing, curbing and creating a stream of your own kind of content by following people that you want to. If you�re promising follow backs to gain followers, you�re not attracting people who are interested in your business or your products. Just like you, they�re too busy scrounging for more followers and they�ll probably never look at your page again. You�re just a number they collected and they�ll keep you like that.

Your Following Ratio is Disproportionate

Now don�t go crazy and start focusing on following people only. If you�re following a thousand people but you�ve only got around 10 followers for yourself then it might look like your account is a spam account. While it�s reasonable that you won�t have too many followers, try to maintain a neutral ratio in order to prevent your profile from looking suspicious.

Happy Tweeting!

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